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LaCabine, a different and unique brand

We continually work on new discoveries, challenging our own limits and always looking for the latest advances in the world of beauty.

Our Origin:

laCabine was born in the heart of Barcelona as an exclusive beauty salon and an authentic Street Lab, from where we maintain direct contact with our clients. The great response from the salon inspired us to create professional care that transfers the essence of the beauty center to the home of our consumers.

What makes us different

The 1st specialist brand in beauty ampoules

Our multi-active and highly concentrated ampoules with super ingredients for a triple benefit: freshness, potency and results.

100% Cosmeceuticals + Super ingredients

Formulas that go beyond the cosmetic world and merge with the pharmaceutical world. In addition, we select biologically very active ingredients that stand out for their effectiveness and multiple benefits.


We have a faithful commitment to people and the environment, which is why we work for the inclusion of people at risk of social exclusion and we prioritize recyclable packaging and sustainable materials.


We handcraft small batches ensuring a greater rotation of our products, which translates into a guarantee of freshness and quality of all our products that are at the point of sale.


LaCabine is a Spanish brand with an international journey, our presence is not only focused on Europe, but also extends to the American or Asian continents. This has led us to become a brand with a global reach, and therefore, we understand the trends and needs of the client around the world.

Research + own development

We like to have everything under control, and that is why the development process of all our products begins and ends in our own facilities in Barcelona. From the development of an idea in our offices and laboratory, to the production and packaging process itself in our factory.