Beauty Routines

LaCabine offers you different beauty routines and tips that you can apply to your face, to get the results you want. It is a Complete Guide to Routines so that you know how and when to combine our products.

choose your routine

total Anti-age

Reduces and prevents the signs of aging intensively.

Radiance anti-age

Intensively brightens and rejuvenates the skin

Moisturizing and wrinkles

More hydrated and wrinkle-free skin.


Reduces sagging and sagging of the face.


An intensive plus of luminosity for the face.


Ideal for those skins that need nutrition and vitality on the face.

Stop Dark Spots

Say goodbye to facial dark spots in a few simple steps.

Lifting Effect

A true lifting effect of the facial oval.

Menopause Density

Prevents or reverses the changes produced in the skin during menopause.

Dry Skin

An intense moisturization of your skin.

Poros y granitos

Diseñada especialmente para tratar las imperfecciones de las pieles con tendencia acnéica.