Concentrated Ampoules

They contain the exact dose needed, and thanks to their hermetically sealed glass container, the product does not come into contact with oxygen or light. Its high concentration of active ingredients and its rapidly absorbed texture provide immediate and long-lasting visible results.

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Flash Effect

Highly concentrated ampoules for an instant lifting and...

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Highly concentrated ampoules specially designed to treat the...

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Sunscreen SPF 50

Concentrated ampoules with SPF 50 fluid sunscreen, water...

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Anti-dark Spots

Highly concentrated ampoules to combat blemishes and provide...

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Anti-aging +

Highly concentrated ampoules for an intensive fight against...

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Ice-Lift Ampoules

Instantly refresh your skin with this facial ampoule...

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Age Sensitive

Highly concentrated anti-ageing ampoules specially formulated...

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Bronzer Effect

Body ampoules that provide a natural and uniform tanning...

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Highly concentrated multi-benefit ampoules for healthy, soft,...

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Vit-C Ampoules

Ampoules highly concentrated in Vitamin C for a more luminous,...

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Peeling Ampoules

Highly concentrated ampoules for a gentle peeling effect on...

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