Anti-Aging routine

Activate the gene of youth! In 3 simple steps. The ideal routine to diminish or prevent the signs of aging, including wrinkles, dark spots, expression lines and roughness.

With coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid precursors and collagen, which work together to reduce wrinkles, even crow’s feet.

And the routine is complemented by a unique cream just for you!

What does it contain: Global anti-aging ampoules, Personalized cream, Revive Elixir ampoules and Eye contour ampoules.

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Daytime Routine


Facial cleansing



Global Anti-Aging ampoules

With an anti-aging effect for immediate and long-term results. The phospholipid technology enhances the efficacy and penetration of the active ingredients. The formula, with coenzyme Q10, prevents the formation of free radicals while the hyaluronic acid precursors and collagen content stimulates their production in your skin to fade the appearance of wrinkles, even vertical ones, the most difficult to treat.


Personalized Cream

With prior online diagnosis, we can prepare a unique cream for you. With anti-aging active ingredients that help enhance the effects of the ampoules, obtaining better results in less time.

Nighttime Routine


Facial cleansing


Revive Elixir ampoules

Concentrated ampoules for mature skin. The formula, with snow algae powder, works at a cellular level to activate the “Klotho” longevity gene.


Eye contour ampoules

Ideal to combat under eye bags, dark circles and the troublesome crow’s feet.


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