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Routine for Luminosity and Even skin tone

If your problem is a lack of glow to your face, caused by stress or fatigue from your day-to-day lives, we have the perfect routine for you.

With ingredients such as vitamin C, ferulic acid, melatonin, carnosine, plant-based retinol and proteoglycans, which act at a cellular level, this routine will make your face look well rested, giving you soft, even-toned skin with no roughness from the first days of application.

What does it contain: Vitamin C ampoules, Perfect Glow ampoules and Night recovery ampoules.

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Daytime Routine


Facial cleansing


Vitamin C ampoules

Vitamin C ampoules (normal and dry skin) or Vitamin C matte (combination and oily skin).They have a high antioxidant power that erases the signs of tiredness and prevents premature skin aging, bringing luminosity, vitality and softness to your face from the first application. The proteoglycans have a great capacity for moisturizing, lubricating and softening your skin.


Perfect Glow ampoules

For a boost of luminosity or for special occasions, you can use the Perfect glow ampoules which have luminous pigments that provide a special glow while also evening out skin tone and preventing the signs of aging.

Nighttime Routine


Facial cleansing


Night Recovery Ampoules

Night Recovery Ampoules: The formula, with ferulic acid, melatonin, carnosine, plant-based retinol, growth factors and niacinamide, acts throughout the night, stimulating cell mechanisms to give you a radiant, well-rested appearance. The ampoules provide the benefits of a good night’s sleep, helping your skin to recover from daily stress.


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