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Because each skin is unique and so are its needs

Crema Personalizada La Cabine

Welcome to truly personalized care

At La Cabine we firmly believe in personalization as the most effective way for the skin treatment and care. In that sense, we offer our clients personalized creams, made by and for you, which adapt to the needs of your skin to deliver visible and long-lasting results.

How does it work?

01 / Tell us about you

Your lifestyle, diet and the pollution levels in your city affect your skin and the cream you might need.

02 / We formulate your cream

From your online diagnosis, we select your active ingredients and ideal cream texture.

03 / Specialist assessment

Before sending you your cream, we’ll get in contact with you to explain the exclusive formula we’ve designed.

04 / Your cream in 24h/48h

Once your cream’s formula is confirmed, we’ll send your order right away.


Your unique formula starts with an online diagnosis.

Your skin

Each person’s skin tells its own story. We take everything into account when designing your cream, from your skin type and needs to your desired cream texture.

Your lifestyle

Your sleep, diet, exercise and even the pollution levels of your city, affect the formula we create.

Your preferences

The most suitable active ingredients, possible allergies, texture of the cream or the use of SPF or not, are taken into account so that the formula and cream adapt perfectly to the needs of your skin.

Start the online Diagnosis

Choose the texture

textura-crema-personaliza- ligera
Gel-cream light texture

Matte and non-greasy finish. Ideal for combination and oily skin.

Creamy texture

Light and delicate finish. Suitable for all skin types.

Unctuous texture

Butter-like texture. Suitable for drier or mature skin.

Creamy texture SPF30

Light and delicate finish. Suitable for all skin types. Protects the skin from solar radiation and prevents premature skin-aging.


Only the highest quality ingredients

All our creams have shared active ingredients, in addition to the ones added to personalize it, to ensure the best results:

Wu-Zhu-Yu extract

Combats the adverse effects of pollution. Recovers luminosity and uniformity, refining pores and improving skin texture.

Crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid

Provides excellent hydration to the skin and neutralizes free radicals.


Stimulates the synthesis of collagen, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and loss of elasticity.

Sodium DNA

Anti-wrinkle and anti-aging active ingredient. Stimulator of cell repair and regenerator of aged tissues.


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